Purified water for all our Villagers

EcoAldea seeks to be an example of awareness about the care of human health and the environment, that is why in each of our homes is integrated a water filtration system so that Villagers can drink freely from it, since the filters are mechanisms that improve the quality of the water that comes from the tap and turns it harmless for human consumption.

Eradicate impurities to improve their flavor and take care of the health of those around us with the elimination of bacteria and microorganisms, are some of the important functions of this filtering system.

The importance for the ecosystem of implementing this type of filters lies in the fact that their use significantly reduces the need to buy bottled water or using the gallon jug system, which contributes to the production of fewer plastics; in addition, to be an excellent economic option, since the expenses that involve obtaining drinking water are eliminated.

At EcoAldea we are engaged in taking care of the environment, we believe that small changes can make a difference. You who are reading this, tell us: what other actions can be carried out in order to protect the planet?

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