EcoAldea a sustainable project

EcoAldea is a sustainable project that from its planning took into account natural resources and building methods to minimize the impact on the environment. An example of this is that we adapt to the nature of the place, in order to coexist with it in a more friendly way.

In each house of this community, you can find an urban garden full of self-consumption plants that will allow a more autonomous life and a greater relationship with the environment.

In addition, EcoAldea001 will use the sun’s energy to provide electricity and hot water to its inhabitants, making it possible for the Villagers of this community to reduce their carbon footprint on Earth, which is nothing more than the totality of greenhouse effect that a person emits throughout his life.

This is the main reason why at EcoAldea001 we propose a change. While we know that a sustainable solution will always have a long-term perspective, we want to take the first step on that path and we want to inspire our Villagers and other inhabitants of this incredible world, to make together a community for the well-being of our planet.