The enrichment of reading

Reading opens the door to knowledge. Everything in our environment is reading, so much that at this moment you are reading this text, a few minutes ago you read other things, and soon I assure you that you will continue reading, do you notice the importance of reading?

Since we were kids, we’ve been taught in our schools or house to read, and we ourselves must feed this beautiful habit, by reading we can understand the world, we can communicate, get information about what is happening and more than anything, nourish our mind.

We know then, that reading is a vital activity, it helps us to think better, to acquire a broader lexicon, to let our imagination run free and for a moment to disconnect us from our problems of everyday life, and what better than reading a good book after a long day at work?

In EcoAldea001 we join this, and for this reason, we have made an alliance with El Traspatio to contribute to the good habit of reading in our Villagers, through the presence of their books, within our community.

Let’s not only exercise our body but also our mind. We invite you to join this healthy lifestyle and to start from now on reading a good book, leave us in the comments which will be the book that you will start reading today.

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