We are the generation of change, the one that observes the problems and decides to do something about it, we have stopped being spectators to be individuals in search of a solution, since we understand that in order to “be part of the change” we must do more than just giving a “like” or signing a petition, we must offer alternatives that generate a transformation.

Seeing what is done in EcoAldea001, made me feel so surprised, as I saw in this development how human beings are able to adapt to their surroundings to add, instead of tearing down in order to create. I believe that through these actions, EcoAldea001 shows us that we can become part of the change, and not of an ordinary one, but of a genuine change; I feel excited for the people who will live in this magnificent place, because it is an opportunity for them to connect again with nature and enjoy its presence.

As a lover of plants and landscaper of this wonderful project, I can tell you that daring to say yes to nature, it will be a decision that you will end up thanking yourself for the rest of your life, due to the many benefits you can get by the simple fact of living in this great place.

I really see that EcoAldea is a new beginning for our city and for Mexico, a country where we’ll be able to live in well-being and harmony with our planet. Being part of the change for some can be difficult, but for me, you just have to live in order to be part of it.

I hope you enjoy the Calendula, the Rosemary, the Lavender, the fruit trees and everything I planted for you.

Iliana Tinoco, landscaper of EcoAldea001.

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