To keep a healthy life, there are some exercises we can implement. Some people enjoy practicing extreme sports like mountain climbing, while others prefer fewer risks and more movement, such as jogging, surfing, weight lifting or swimming. However, physical actions can put some people through a hard time, either because they lack practice or because their bodies are more likely to get hurt.

If you, dear reader, consider yourself to be within this third group, let us tell you that there is a great option for you: Walking. That’s right, walking! A thing so simple, yet it has a lot of benefits to offer both your mind and body.

* It reduces stress: There is nothing better than a nice walk to clear your mind, and leave your problems back in the office, all while you enjoy the beauty of nature.

*It strengthens the heart: According to the World Health Organization, walking for at least 45 minutes a day reduces the risk of suffering from heart diseases and cardiovascular accidents.

*It helps fighting breast cancer: According to a study made by the Dutch Cancer Institute, women who walk regularly diminish the possibilities of feeling the negative effects of chemo, such as fatigue, nausea, or general illness.

*Healthier bones: To perform this activity on a daily basis benefits the strength and growth of our bone density.

So now you know! Fix goals that you can adapt to your physical condition, and start walking today. The thing is not to give up and to push yourself in order to improve your wellness, both physical and mental. EcoAldea is a perfect place to begin your practice, as it is filled with trail-like areas: The ideal spot for our villagers to clear their mind and enjoy.

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