Walden: the philosophy of living in the woods

200 years ago, the American writer Henry David Thoreau abandoned everything to live alone in the forest, later publishing Walden, or Life in the Forest in 1854, a book that tells the two years, two months and two days he spent in the region of Walden Pond, in the United States.

From this book, we gather many transcendental ideas that contribute to the conceptualization of the EcoAldea project, since we agree with many of its values.

Thoreau thought that most of the luxuries and many of the so-called “comforts” of life were not only not indispensable, but represented obstacles to the elevation of the human spirit. He considered it necessary to have contact with nature and an active contemplation of the external world that guides us to understand much of our inner world.

This idea of ​​returning to nature is not totally new, we have seen it several times in history, but without a doubt, Thoreau is one of its great representatives, because his philosophy inspired other great men in their search for a more just society and a more balanced world.

At EcoAldea we understand this need for balance, and that is why this book has enchanted us and we highly recommend it as a reflective reading. Although it was published in 1854, its ideas still current at this time and we hope for more people to be inspired by it.

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